Father’s Day Thank You Stationery

Father’s Day is almost here. This is your reminder that you can give your Father the best gift he’s ever had: A personal thank you letter!  A letter from you that tells dad how much he really means to you and how much you appreciate all he’s done is the ultimate gift that dad will cherish for the rest of his life.

Can you imagine how good dad will feel reading how you can’t thank him enough for all his love?

A card is nice and I’m sure dad and granddad will like it, but a real thank you letter… no contest which one wins.

OK, you’ve been reminded. Now it’s up to you to follow though and www.Free-Stationery.com has everything you need to make this Father’s day, one to never forget.

Happy Scrappin’

Kathy and Wes

More New Christmas Stationery Added For Your Holiday Letters

Just in time for your best Christmas Holiday Letters Ever!

Let’s Face It, we all know that a real holiday letter or New Years Letter beats out a card any day of the week by 300% or more. Come on, let’s get in the Holiday Spirit and let’s let the family know what’s going on and how much we really appreciate them.

Happy Holidays

Kathy and Wes


Free Christmas Holiday Stationery Downloads. christmas723sm christmas724sm

Your FREE 2015 Photo Calendar Downloads are Ready.



The most anticipated update of the year is here at last. PrincessCrafts 2015 Custom Photo Calendar Template Downloads!

Two formats, Four Extra Season Appropriate Templates for Christmas, Hanukkah, Fall/Autumn/Halloween, 4th of July or Summer and Easter or Spring. You’re family and friends are going to love what you do with these calendar Scrapbook pages.

Want to be the most anticipated gift giver in the family? Here’s how to make it happen. This truly is the gift that keeps giving all year long.

www.FreeScrapbookTraining.com is waiting for you. No signups, no hassles, just download, customize with your pictures and watch the smiles appear.

See you there,

Kathy and Wes

Halloween Scrapbook Papers

I’m not going to bore you with details, let’s just say that all the info you need is in the thumbnail images of our digital scrapbooking paper creations for Halloween and the Fall Festival. www.PrincessCrafts.com and www.1-Computer-Scrapbook.com for 8.5×11 and 12×12 scrap paper templates… respectively.

See you there,

Kathy and Wes

Got Your Mother’s Day Thank You Letter Done Yet?

Just a quick reminder, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready?

Have you started your Mother’s Day Thank You Letter yet or are you one of those that just buy a card, add your name and maybe a little I love you mom note and drop it in the mail?

Look, you and I both know that a real Thank You Letter written on some really nice stationery with real examples of why and how much you appreciate everything your mom has done for you all these years is 100 TIMES better than any card you could ever send.

Don’t take the easy way out with cards or flowers, let’s put just a little time and effort into telling your mom just how much your really love and appreciate her. It’s the gift she will cherish more than anything else in the world and I just know it’s one she will keep for as long as she lives.

So, are you ready to make this the best Mother’s Day EVER?

www.Free-Stationery.com is ready to help with some really amazing Mother’s Day, Floral and Spring Time Free Stationery. Best of all, there is never a signup or catch.  Just go and download any and all you want… no strings attached.

Have a great Day!

Kathy and Wes



March Scrapbook Freebies and Member Additions

March 2014

Happy Scrappin’ from Kathy and Wes at PrincessCrafts!

Welcome to the 3rd  month of 2014. Can  you believe we are almost done with the first Quarter of the Year already? Time really has a way of
getting away from us. Makes you really appriciate the fact that you can stop time a little here and there by putting a few of the amazing
memories into the pages of your PrincessCrafts Scrapbooks.

How many memories have you relived on the pages of your scrapbooks so far this year?

 Ready to do some more? I don’t want to waste a lot of your valuable time, so let’s get to the good stuff. Just a quick reminder, you can always see what’s new on our BLOG over at:


  1. First off, we have just added Seasons 97 through 101 to all three
    areas.  Then, Kathy is totally updating the entire Baby Scrapbooking area and removing all
    the Frames from the size catagories and moving them to the new
    Elements area since they apply to all sizes.

    The new scrapbook sets are ready for you to download from your members
    , just let us know if you have any questions.

  2. Just a note: We are continuing our site wide updates
    and modernization.  As part of that we have now shut down the
    alphabits areas of the site and moved them to the combined 8.5 and
    12x sections for easier searching and access. The actual alphabits
    themselves are now in the new Elements area that we have added.

  3. Next,
    I have added the free Winter Scrapbook papers to the free scrapbook training site at

    . Lots of other great free downloads there too.

  4. Last, but not least: We will be continuing to add new St Patrick’s day and Spring Holiday
    Scrapbook paper downloads to the Free Stationery Downloads to our

  5. Closing out our Scrapbook SALE!
    Our platinum memberships are still on sale for just a few more days.
    If you made lots of memories over the holidays like we did, you must
    be ready to preserve them.  Act now before the

    are gone.