Your New Free Thanksgiving Holiday Stationery is Ready for Download…

Oct 22, 2015 Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Kathy just added 3 New Thanksgiving Day Holiday or Autumn Themed Stationery Templates in Both 8.5×11 and A4 sizes for you. These Stationary Papers make for great computer scrapbook background papers as well. We also like to use them as scrapbooking journaling papers to tell the family holiday or anniversary stories.

No signups needed, just go to and download all you want. As always, our new free stationery downloads are approved for you business newsletters and flyers as well. We just hope you’ll let people know where to get their own stationery papers.

Look for more coming soon,


New FREE Kids Recipes for Halloween, Day of the Dead, Fall Festival or your Autumn/ Fall Season Parties.

21 Oct 2015

FPkidshallow008-2Added 3 new Recipe Sets to our Halloween Day of the Dead or Fall Festival Holiday section. These sets also, as always, come complete with matching scrapbook/memory book journaling page. 1. Pumpkin Juice 2. Spider Cookies 3. Krispy Popcorn Balls.

We also added 3 new Recipe Sets to our Autumn / Fall Recipes Area. These sets also come complete with our matching easy scrapbooking or memory book journaling page so you can preserve those treasured memories made in the kitchen. 1. Gingersnap Crisps 2. Icecream Sandwichs 3. Caremel Peanut Butter Dip.

Hope to see you there soon.

Kathy and Wes

Just Added Heritage and Shabby Chic Scrapbook Papers

Quick note for everyone this afternoon.

We just added:

chic52-215 Sep to 15 Oct

Heritage 56 – 58
Heritage Black and White 42 – 44
Shabby Chic 52 – 54

to our Digital Scrapbook membership Members Area.

I hope you’ll check out the thumbnails over on and if you don’t have your membership that saves you $100’s a year over the pay as you go sites… has all your easy membership options.

Happy Scrappin’


Photo Calendars as the Perfect Holiday Gifts

Photo Calendars as the Perfect Holiday Gifts

Hi Fellow Scrapbooker,

I was working on my own families 2016 photo calendars today when it hit me, this is the only gift that I have ever given over and over again. I don’t do it because it’s simple or because I don’t have to go to the store and shop the crowds; although that’s nice! I give them to both my side and my hubby’s side of the family each year for Christmas because they start asking me for them months in advance. It’s the one gift that the entire family, especially my mother in law, looks forward to each and every year.

I think they would disown me if I missed a year!

It all started 4 years ago. I did it for my brother and sisters and my husband’s sister and parents. Everyone showed the rest of the family and before I knew it, I had been tasked with creating 4 more for my aunt, my parents, my cousin and hubby’s aunt. Now, it’s the only gift I do each year.

Now, everyone in the family starts sending me their summer and fall photos the end of September so that they can have their new personalized photo calendars for Christmas. It’s so popular in fact; I’ve had to elist my sister-in-law’s help so we can get them all done.

It really doesn’t take too long to do the custom family calendars, as I put all of one side of the families’ birthdays and anniversaries on one set of templates, then make another copy with the other side of the families’ dates. It takes the majority of time in gathering all the photos for each side.

The next step is to create about half the calendar with photos from family events and gatherings that work for the whole family. The other half of the photo calendar pages get custom images of the family the calendar is for on them. Nothing hard, just takes a little time.

The hardest part for me is in creating the yearly calendar templates, something that you don’t have to worry about as I’ve already done that for you.

Since the templates have all the graphics and formatting done in advance, it takes me less than 5 minutes per page to paste the photos behind the transparent openings and to add my journaling text to each page. Like I said before, the only time consuming part is gathering all the photos and placing them into separate directories on the computer for each person.

It really is so easy to do and yet it makes such a beautiful personal holiday gift. You just print them yourselves or, as I’ve created the templates to fit on any standard 8.5×11 photo paper, card stock or presentation paper; it’s easy to have them printed for you and even bound if you like. Just put them on your thumb drive (USB drive) or on a photo CD and have them printed at any photo lab or office supply printer.

It really is the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other holiday or birthday event. I’ve even made them for baby shower gifts using mom’s pregnancy photos and first photos of the baby after they are born. It becomes the perfect treasured keepsake.

All the common holidays are there for you and you can insert text to add any other anniversary, birthday or event on the dates you want. I know that not everyone celebrates certain holidays, so I’ve even created alternate templates for those holidays such as Christmas/Hanukkah and Spring/Easter or Fall/Halloween. Make your calendar your way!

The perfect holiday gift and plenty of time to download them and get them done in time for your holiday gift giving. Look for the new years templates in Late September each year.

The templates are at: and you can also get your FREE Holiday Stationery for your Holiday family letter writing at:

Happy Holidays.

Kathy Waddell Free Photo Calendar Page Templates The Greatest FREE Digital Scrapbook Gift

Father’s Day Thank You Stationery

Father’s Day is almost here. This is your reminder that you can give your Father the best gift he’s ever had: A personal thank you letter!  A letter from you that tells dad how much he really means to you and how much you appreciate all he’s done is the ultimate gift that dad will cherish for the rest of his life.

Can you imagine how good dad will feel reading how you can’t thank him enough for all his love?

A card is nice and I’m sure dad and granddad will like it, but a real thank you letter… no contest which one wins.

OK, you’ve been reminded. Now it’s up to you to follow though and has everything you need to make this Father’s day, one to never forget.

Happy Scrappin’

Kathy and Wes

More New Christmas Stationery Added For Your Holiday Letters

Just in time for your best Christmas Holiday Letters Ever!

Let’s Face It, we all know that a real holiday letter or New Years Letter beats out a card any day of the week by 300% or more. Come on, let’s get in the Holiday Spirit and let’s let the family know what’s going on and how much we really appreciate them.

Happy Holidays

Kathy and Wes

Free Christmas Holiday Stationery Downloads. christmas723sm christmas724sm